Q: What are featured affiliates?

A: Featured affiliates are the sites that we have used on our personal websites and that have proven to have an excellent track record. It is very important to select an affiliate program that is honest, provides good statistics and, most of all, provides really good payouts. After all, you are on this site to find the affiliate that make you the most money right?


Q: Is it easy to make money with affiliate programs?

A: Yes! Absolutely! Affiliate programs are an excellent way to make money, because someone has already done all of the hard work for you (they have come up with a product, and they have built a site and invested money in marketing). All you need to do is have a good domain and site that matches the niche of the affiliate program. For example, if you are planning on offering weight loss pills, then you are going to want to put them on a site related to weight loss and fitness. Another perfect example would be to place dating site ads and penis enlargements ads on your site about casual sex or adult dating. There is a niche for everything, and there are people out there that will buy anything, so why not sell it to them and make some money easily? 

Also, keep in mind that there are people out there that make up to 10-20 THOUSAND dollars a month through affiliate programs! If they can do it, why can’t you? All it takes is a little bit of patience. 


Q: What are the different types of programs offered by affiliate programs?

A: There are several key types of programs, and each one has some pros and cons:

Pay Per Lead (SOI or DOI):

Pay Per Lead, or PPL, means that you are paid for every lead that you send over to the affiliate program. These are usually in the forms of free signups, as in they never provide a debit/credit card. SOI or DOI stand for single opt in and double opt in. Single opt in simply means that the user provided some personal information, like an email, and registered. Doublt opt in, on the other hand means that the user confirmed their email account as well. Pay per lead programs usually pay out less (<$10.00) but you tend to get more of them. For example, you might make only 1 sale a month, but get 15 leads. Basically, if you are impatient and want to see cash coming in more often, this is the choice for you. 

Pay Per Signup / Pay Per Sale

Pay Per Signup, also referred to as Pay Per Sale, is what the name implies. You are paid every time you get someone to sign up. They could be signing up for a free trial or a demo, but usually they are required to provide personal information, as well as payment information such as a credit card. Pay Per Signups can sometimes pay up to $250-300 each! You only get a commission for the initial sign-up, but if you want to make more money in the long run, you should look at revshare.

Revshare / Revenue Sharing

Revshare is a program similar to Pay Per Sale, but you get a percentage of the first sale, as well as a percentage of every recurring sale. For example, if you refer someone to sign up for a dating site, and you are on a 50% revshare, and that user keeps renewing for the next 10 years, you will receive 50% for the original signup and 50% for each renewal. This program is especially good when you select something that people will want to purchase over and over (such as game credits, diet pills, etc.). Good revshare programs will give you a percentage of up to 75%, and great revshare programs will have no limits, meaning that you get that commission for the length of time the referred person is paying them. Some programs will have a limit, such as 5 years, which is not bad but it could always be better.