This website was started by a group of people who have spent a long time working in the world of affiliate marketing. We have spent thousands of hours and make thousands of dollars, but we were always having trouble finding good affiliate programs that earn money fast. It was even harder to find a site that explained and compared the earnings of all of these affiliate programs. So we though to ourselves:

“Why isn’t there a good site that rates these affiliates for us and shows a comparison of how much you can earn from each one?”

That day, was born. Since mid-2014, we have been trying to compare affiliate programs that we use in our day to day. You may not see a lot of programs here, but that’s because we don’t waste our time listing the ones that don’t earn money, so if it’s on our site, you can be sure that being an affiliate with that company is going to earn you cold hard cash fast, and that is our goa: To help you find the best affiliate sites you can find in order to help you earn money fast!


We aim to be the words easiest-to-use affiliate comparison shopping site.